With a customised advisory service such as the one we provide, a basic factor is the beginning of the relationship with the client, and for this reason we channel all of our efforts into gaining an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the activity and strategy of the companies that we advise in order to be able to offer them the best legal and/or tax solution in terms of security and practicality, in short, amade-to-measure value added service that puts the client’s interests to the fore.

We have attained our clients’ permanent confidence and recognition on the strength of the services we have provided and by basing our relationship on values such as understanding, trust and immediacy.

The History

Briz Jurídico Tributario was founded in 1996. Ricardo Briz, whose professional life had passed through the public function in the Ministry of Finance, as a Financial and Tax Inspector basically in international services, and in the Official Credit Institute, later on he became CEO of large companies, in addition to being an E&Y partner, he thought that, after knowing the public sector, and having participated, as a company manager, in the decision-making process, it was time to provide a service to companies that gathered the combined experience he acquired during his professional career in the different fields that he had worked in, to provide a service based on the knowledge of the company and its environment, focused on immediacy, speed and efficiency.

The pattern that was sought from the beginning was that of a small organization, which facilitated permanent interaction with the client, that is to say, a close office that deals directly with its clients. An office of the so-called boutique, highly specialized, in company law and specifically in tax and commercial law with few clients, a firm that escaped from the crowds in this practice, and allowed those principles of closeness, trust and immediacy that has been developing over the years, progressively increasing the activity and the team according to market demand.

Today, after more than 25 years of professional practice, we continue to be a highly specialized boutique law firm, with no more than twenty people, and with a limited number of clients, whom, for the most part, we have accompanied for many years. .

The knowledge of business management and the complexity of the decision-making process that the founder has tried to transmit to the entire BJT team has been fundamental in the task of understanding the elements that contribute to the performance of the activity of its clients to give them the best solution in the legal, financial and fiscal field without interfering in their daily management.

This has also been possible due to the integration into our team of young professionals and a permanent update of all the members of the firm, adapting to all the trends in the business world of the last decades in which we have gone from tremendously structured organizations and intensive in human resources, to others much lighter, and quick in decision making, with a huge technological component.

At present, we continue to participate, as active members, in the business decision-making process, both in traditional sectors, and, above all, helping entrepreneurial companies within the Starts-Up Ecosystem.