Fiscal Advice

The characteristics of the office make our practice oriented to specific and tailored jobs for each client, based on their distinctive notes and their own needs.

Our advice is generally business planning, in which foresight prevails. We do not make the declarations when they must be presented, but when they must be prepared, that is, before the end of the tax period,

And we commit ourselves to the client in our advice, and for this, we have the experience and specialized professionals necessary to defend the planning decided by the Client before the tax authorities, and, when appropriate, in the Courts, whether economic-administrative or contentious.

The firm and, specifically, its Founding Partner, have had a clear international vocation. The large studies in international schools and the representation of our country in International Organizations have made us in permanent contact with both clients and other law firms from different countries and especially with Latin America and Europe. We have created an International network of law firms, ELLIT , with a presence in both continents, to help, as is the case today, with Spanish clients who want to establish themselves abroad, as well as with foreigners who want to invest or settle in Spain.

That is why today, we have a great dedication to international advice, both tax and commercial. In addition, we take care of the taxation of inpatriates and expatriates.

Our professionals are closely linked to the business world, so they avoid theoretical approaches, which is helped by the fact that their training is required, both in the legal and tax as well as in the financial and accounting world.

This means that on many occasions our services are claimed in the processes of buying and selling companies, both for the verification phase and for the contractual phase.

Likewise, they request our services to participate as expert witnesses in judicial processes with fiscal and financial specificity.

Company compensation plans are another of our specialties.

Even when the Start Up Ecosystem is lacking specific regulation, we seek to tailor suits that contemplate the vicissitudes of companies and their partners throughout the years of maturing and scaling.

Specific Advice

-Tax planning
-International taxation
-Groups of companies
-Business restructuring
-Transfer prices
-Compensation plans
-Impatriates and expatriates taxation
-Starts–Up taxation

Continuing Advice

-Legal, Financial, Fiscal
-Tax audits (Due Diligence)
-Supervision or preparation of tax returns

Procedures and resources

-Economic or administrative resources and claims
-Expert reports

Commercial Advice

In the field of corporate law, we offer a complete advice that goes from the constitution of the company, to the monitoring of daily legal aspects (contracting, litigation), with special dedication to those derived from sessions of Administrative Bodies and General Meetings. We also work on acquisitions and corporate restructuring operations such as mergers or spin-offs, on a national and international level. 

Tax and commercial disciplines are closely related and especially in the matter of contracts. Therefore, the study of commercial contracts is a main axis of our practice. The commercial lawyers and the tax advisors participate in the elaboration of the contract, so that all the elements that may affect it are contemplated.

Since society is a framework of necessary understanding between partners, we pay special attention to agreements between those who consider different present and future needs. 

These Partner Agreements are of special interest both in the Family Business, our most important block of clients, and in the Start Up Ecosystem, thus, helping the regulation of the subsequent phases after their launch, especially with the entry of new partners.

Specific Advice

-In mergers and acquisitions
-In obligations and contracts
-In corporate restructuring
-Corporate Governance
-Secretaries of Directors and Legal Advisor of the Board
-Bankruptcy Proceedings

Company Adquisitions

-Due-dilligences processes
-Preparation of contracts


-Partner agreements
-Financing rounds