The international network “ELLIT”, an initiative of Briz Jurídico Tributario, was born after more than two years of searching for similar law firms, and allows serving countries on both sides of the Atlantic, focusing especially on Latin American countries.

It is a set of homogeneous law firms in terms of size and practice, whose main activity is related to international and commercial taxation, as well as corporate and corporate law. This professional collaboration agreement aims to serve as a support network abroad for the different adhered firms, all dedicated to tax and legal advice.

The configuration is currently made up of nine specialized boutiques, with international clients, who aspire to help users in all their operations abroad, providing them with a treatment and service similar as in their countries of origin. This is possible thanks to the homogeneity of the member firms, backed by an extensive professional experience of more than 25 years.

ELLIT is currently composed of the following offices: 

  • Briz Jurídico Tributario – España
  • Quibrera y Saldaña – México
  • Porte y Canales Abogados y Consultores – Chile
  • Estudio Palma Boria – Italia
  • FI Consultores Macek & Cía – Argentina
  • Desfilis – Francia
  • Galvez, Risso y Zegarra Asociados – Perú
  • Lewis Silkin – Reino Unido
  • Summa Consultores – Colombia